Walmart Employee’s Farewell Message Goes Viral

A longtime Walmart employee has gone viral on social media as she gave an emotional sign-off to her fellow employees, signaling the “end of an era.”

Touching Moment From Former Walmart Employee

Gail Lewis has turned into an internet icon for calling it quits at the multinational chain in Illinois, where she’s worked for the past 10 years.

“Attention Walmart, this is Gail Lewis,” she said into a walkie-talkie. “10-year associate Morris, Illinois 8-4-4, signing out, good night.”

While she remained brief and to the point during her sign-off, Lewis became emotional when she got to her car after leaving her beloved store for the last time.

“So today was an end of an era for me,” Lewis said. “What you just saw was me signing out for the last time at my Walmart that I have worked at for 10 years.”

Lewis then described her bittersweet feelings of happiness and sadness leaving her beloved store.

“It’s a happy sad because I’m gonna be going to a better job and those people became like family. I’ve been through a lot with them. They watched my back, I watched theirs. They helped me out, I helped them out,” Lewis said.

Lewis appeared to be looking forward to what lies ahead, despite closing the chapter of employment.

“..Where I’m going, I’m going to better off where I’m at,” she said. “That’s all.”

So far, the former Walmart employee remains mum on where she’ll end up next.

Lewis’ farewell sparked thousands of reactions on TikTok, with many re-sharing the video and commenting to thank Lewis for her service and offer congratulations on the new job.

The viral video has been viewed over 22.5 million times since she uploaded it on Nov. 16, tallying over 80,000 followers and many people have gone on to create wild stories about her past.

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