UK Man Fills Potholes With Noodles!

“Mr. Pothole” is tweeting about filling UK’s potholes with noodles, because he claims the government isn’t doing anything about them.

Mr. Pothole Makes a Name For Himself

A man in the UK is using pot-boiled noodles to demonstrate to his local leaders how easy it is to fill a pothole, with the theory that this will catch the government’s attention.

Mark Morell has documented his efforts on social media, reminding everyone that filling potholes requires only a little creativity and effort.

“Since #NothingFillsAHoleLikePotNoodle, who better to team up with to highlight the ridiculous state of the UK’s roads than @potnoodle,” he tweeted.

“Send us pictures of your worst, local potholes using the hashtag and tagging your local council!”

On Twitter, Morrell goes by the name “Mr Pothole,” and his method for road repair is certainly unconventional.

Here’s a montage of other pothole’s he’s filled.

“Potholes drive road users potty and me more than most,” he told Metro. “The pothole crisis across the UK is an increasingly serious issue and something I have been campaigning on for more than 10 years.

“During this period I have had to use my noodle with stunts to highlight just how bad potholes are, from floating plastic ducks in water-filled potholes, birthday cakes, fishing rods and model submarines.”

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