Tucker Carlson And Joe Rogan Set Social Media Ablaze After UFC Handshake (Video)

A handshake and conversation between Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson has led fans to call for a podcast between two of the nation’s most viewed media personalities.

Carlson accompanied former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Kid Rock and UFC President Dana White for a surprise appearance at the promotion’s marquee Madison Square Garden card in New York City.

After a mixed reaction in 2019, Trump was warmly received by the New York City crowd upon entry. He also received two additional positive crowd reactions when he was shown on the arena’s jumbotron.

As the group made their way to their Octagon-side seats, Carlson stopped to chat with Joe Rogan, who has served as a UFC announcer for more than a decade. Rogan appeared happy to meet Carlson as the two shook hands and held a friendly conversation before Rogan returned to work.

The interaction went viral on social media, with fans of both hosts calling for a full-length podcast between the two.

Rogan — who hosts the most popular podcast in the world — has long deliberated over an interview with former President Donald Trump. He previously stated that he had no interest in hosting Trump, though his attitude appears to have changed over the last two years.

During an August episode with Valuetainment founder Patrick Bet-David, Rogan stated that he would be open to the idea.

“At a certain point in time. It would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things. I would like to know what is it actually like when you get into office…What is it like versus perception? What is it actually like when you get in that building?” he said.

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