The latest cancellation marks the end of a CBS franchise that has been on-air for nearly 30 years.

Good Bye James Corden

CBS’ late night talk show “The Late Late Show” is finally getting the ax and is set to be replaced by a reincarnated “Comedy Central” series from executive producer Stephen Colbert.

Sources told ET and other outlets that CBS will be ending the show and Corden’s exit at the end of the current season will be the last.

The show debuted in January 1995 and was hosted by Tom Snyder, the former host of the NBC late-night series “Tomorrow.”

The Details

CBS plans to scrap the late-night talk show hosted by the 44-year-old British comic actor in favor of rebooting the Comedy Central game show @midnight, Deadline reported on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert will extend his reign over late night as in addition to still hosting his own talk show, “The Late Show,” he has been made executive producer of the reboot.

Corden announced about nine months ago that he anticipated leaving the show to spend more time at home with his family.

It’s Not the End

The network does, reportedly, have something else in the works. According to Deadline, CBS is rebooting the Comedy Central series “@midnight” to replace the current late-night show.

That series, featuring Chris Hardwick, ran from 2013 to 2017. It’s unclear if Hardwick would return with the reboot.

Stephen Colbert, who hosts CBS flagship late-night talk show The Late Show, will reportedly be producing the revival. 

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