The Best Houseplants for Clean Air in Your Home

By It's On News Staff Apr30,2022

Did you know that you can help increase the quality of the air inside your house? Choosing the best houseplants for clean air can be fun, and create a better living environment. Clean the air in your house, with a few new houseplants!

Benefits of a Houseplant

Through photosynthesis, plants help us by taking the carbon dioxide from the air and releasing it back into the air as oxygen. Not only do plants produce oxygen, but they also can remove toxins from the air. Depending on how many plants you have indoors, and what types will depend on the quality of the air in your home.

Cleaning the air can also help reduce environmental toxins, like EMF radiation.

Even though there are benefits to improving air quality, houseplants are beautiful to look at, (mostly) easy to take care of, and can last a long time.

Making The Change

Choosing the right plant for your space might take a few weeks if you really want to make a change. If you’re just looking for a nice houseplant to add to your zero collection of plants, then a visit to your local greenhouse should be good enough.

What Plants Should You Choose

English Ivy is a good option and is beautiful to look at, its very versatile and you can grow it on a stand or downward to hang. But beware, it can be invasive if grown outdoors. Check out this volunteer group who pulled it out from Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.

The Dragon Tree is also a nice plant, with leaves that range from green to purple! It can fit nicely in a corner to take up the empty space.

Another plant you might want to consider is the Rubber Tree. It’s hearty, dependable growth, and beautiful to look at. It can grow to a good height so being mindful of repotting when necessary is a must.

Get Earthy

From 2019 to 2021 more people became “plant people” than ever before. Not only can plants help produce clean air in your home, but it creates a peaceful, homey environment. Take your time, and get the best houseplants for clean air in your home.

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