Teachers Make Handicap Boy Eat His Own Vomit

Five staff members at Indiana’s Brownsburg Elementary School are facing criminal charges regarding a lunchroom incident.

Here’s What Happened

Staffers at an elementary school in Brownsburg, Indiana are now facing criminal charges after investigators say they told a 7-year-old student to eat his own vomit and failed to report the incident.

Police said five staff members were accused of mistreatment and failing to report the ill-treatment of a seven-year-old special education student.

Police said that the Brownsburg school district learned about the incident on April 12 and removed the staff members involved from further contact with the students.

The district also immediately put them on administrative leave.

According to police, a teacher, Julie Taylor, 48, provided a tray for the student to throw up on.

“After the victim did indeed vomit, Kanipe allegedly provided the spoon that the child ‘was compelled to use to consume some of his vomit,’ police said,” according to the Fox report. “Both Seymour and Kanipe are seen on video standing on each side of the child while he consumed a portion of the vomit, police said. The child is then required to clean up the remainder of the vomit with paper towels.”

Jennifer Barrett, the Brownsburg Police Captain, who reviewed a video of the incident, said:

“Anybody who watches the video, it’s going to be a pendulum of emotions. You first see it and you are in disbelief and shock and then you move to anger and outrage and then you go back to disbelief and shock.”

The seven-year-old boy suffers from a cognitive disability that affects his memory. Barrett said that despite being verbal, the boy was unable to tell anyone about the incident back when it happened due to his memory being affected.

Jim Snapp, the Superintendent of BCSC, said in a statement that as educators, protecting the welfare and safety of their students lies at the core of who they are.

Snapp said they were deeply aggrieved by the actions of these five staff members and asserted would work in conjunction with local law enforcement while moving forward with possible criminal charges.

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  1. There’s money to be made here!!
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