Solar Eclipse Stirs Spirituality, Local Tarot Reader Says

As people across North America prepare to experience the total solar eclipse, some are focused on the profound spiritual implications of this rare celestial alignment.

Events like Mercury being in retrograde and full moons are very synonymous with the spiritual community. But when a total solar eclipse happens, it could be the Super Bowl of spiritual events.

Jessica has been running her Psychic Readings by Jessica in Camillus for 15 years. With the solar eclipse coming, she thinks your soul will be experiencing more energy than ever.

Psychic Readings by Jessica has been in Camillus for 15 years. With the solar eclipse visible in Central New York, Jessica thinks your soul will see more energy. (Photo by CNY Central)

Eclipses hold a special place in astrology, as they are believed to push us to move toward new paths and break out of our comfort zones. Eclipses are also known to bring breakthroughs.

It is just an amplifier. Think of it as adding extra power. Think of it as adding extra volts to whatever kind of energy or power source you are trying to use.

According to New York-based astrologer Lisa Stardust, people with the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn may experience the most intense emotional impact from the solar eclipse, leading them to reflect and act to elevate their lives.

The sun and the moon lining up have neighbors concerned for the spiritual side of this once-in-a-generation event, and Jessica has seen an increase in business because of it.

Jessica of Psychic Readings by Jessica does a tarot card reading for reporter Dale Ostrander. (Photo by CNY Central)

She shares that the spiritual world does not see events with as much energy as a total solar eclipse often and because of that, people can go overboard expecting too much out of the event.

Sometimes it’s just let things flow, you know? Listen to your intuition, listen to what is around you, look for signs and signals. I mean, you are your grounding point.

Jessica also shared that the eclipse will be a time for people to come together not only physically, but spiritually.

“You’re going to see more energy. You’re going to see more people excited. You are going to see more people grounded.”

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