Shocking Video Shows Israeli Family Held Hostage By Hamas

By Alex Steele Oct9,2023 #Hamas #Hostage #Isreal

A video purportedly showing a couple, their son and daughter in Israel, being held hostage by Hamas was widely shared on social media.

Video: Family Held Hostage By Hamas

Israel-based journalist Hananya Naftali shared the video saying that the couple’s daughter was executed in front of the family.

“She went to heaven”, a terrorist was heard shouting as the two children cried over their sibling’s death.

“Israeli family is held hostage by Hamas terrorists who took control of their house inside Israel. Just look at their faces. This is a crime against humanity. I demand world leaders to take action,” the journalist wrote sharing the video on X (formerly Twitter).

In the video, the young children are heard crying and cowering as blasts are heard nearby while the terrorist sitting guard on them shouts and demands obedience.

“I wanted her to stay alive,” the brother is heard saying while sobbing. “Is there no chance that she will come back?” the other sibling asks while the terrorists shouts, “Relax, relax, She went to heaven.”

Then, the mother is seen asking the kids to huddle closer as she says, “I cannot afford to lose another life, now.”

This comes as Pope Francis called for “an end to the attacks” in Israel, explaining that “terrorism and war do not lead to a solution”.

“I follow with apprehension and pain what is happening in Israel… I express my solidarity with the families of the victims,” he said in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square.

“May the attacks and the weapons cease, I beg you,” he said.

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