Seattle Elementary School Cancels Halloween – Again

Brookside Elementary School in Washington cancelled Halloween for their young students because it is not 'inclusive' of everyone's beliefs.

Brookside Elementary School in Washington cancelled Halloween for their young students because it is not ‘inclusive’ of everyone’s beliefs.

Halloween is Cancelled

The children attending Brookside Elementary School, a Seattle-area school, won’t be celebrating Halloween at their school – again – this year, according to Principal John Simard.

Brookside Elementary School is located in Lake Forest Park, Washington, in the Shoreline School District and has about 525 enrolled students from grated K-6.

The principal informed parents in an email that the school will not allow any Halloween celebrations at the school because he feels it shows “exclusivity.”

Principal Simard states, “Many see Halloween as a fun candy-filled holiday. They enjoy the community-building benefits that a shared experience can bring. This may be true for you and your family; I can certainly say it is for mine. However, this is not the case for all. Halloween celebrations are exclusionary for students who come from certain cultural or religious backgrounds.”

The principal went on to say, “As a public school, should we be hosting events during the instructional day that exclude students? No, we should not. We want this to be a place for all of our students and families.”

For several years, some schools have wanted to cancel Halloween for children.

Parents Speak Out

Some parents are outraged and are speaking out against the cancelled holiday. Many are comparing cancelling Halloween to cancelling other holidays that aren’t “inclusive,” like, well, all holidays.

The school celebrates other things like Pride Month, a month dedicated to non-heterosexuals, which not all students celebrate.

An anonymous parent said, “Birthdays are celebrated, there are cultural heritage months, Black Lives Matter curriculum and flags, pride celebration, along with all of the other religious holidays that are acknowledged. Why is Halloween canceled? The school also has other days where dressing up silly, or in colors or in pajamas, is encouraged. I see zero difference in letting kids dress up in costumes.”

Halloween 2021 Was Cancelled Too

The elementary school also cancelled it’s Halloween celebrations last year.

Jason Rantz stated that last year the school’s belief was that black children do not necessarily participate in Halloween.

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