A school in Austria exposed a Muslim student to Easter decorations and practices causing him discomfort, causing the school to remove them.

Easter Decorations Causes Controversy in Austria

A teacher in an Upper Austrian Academic Secondary School wanted to embellish the classroom with palm branches and organized a visit to the Easter market.

However, a Muslim’s student’s father lodged a complaint which resulted in the school director reprimanding the teacher for promoting “Christian fundamentalism.”

Former teacher and school principal, Niki Glattauer, shared in the newspaper “Heute” an email he received from Upper Austria where a teacher questioned the reasonableness of decorating the classroom with palm branches and organizing an Easter market for schoolchildren, asking if these were considered “fundamentalist.”

Student Was Bothered by Palms

Shortly after the first palm branches adorned the classroom, the father of a student whose second-generation parents are from Bosnia got in touch with the teacher. 

Glattauer quotes from the message in the school app:

“Our child is very disturbed by the transformation of his classroom into a church. Even an Easter market is completely unreasonable for M. We will therefore leave our child at home for the time being.”

The teacher sought support from her principal but was astonished when the principle accused her of acting insensitively.

He requested the immediate removal of the palm branches, stating that Holy Week was the appropriate time for “Christian fundamentalism.”

Other Countries See Traditions Changed

The migrant party SÖZ (Social Austria of the Future), which is under Turkish control and has been the subject of controversy in Austria, is demanding that the streets of the heavily Islamized Favoriten district be decorated accordingly for the upcoming Muslim holiday.

They would like to use the Viennese tax money to ensure that the streets are decorated according to their faith on their holidays.

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