A new proposal by the Biden administration seeks to take away your choice of a traditional light bulb and let you use only LED bulbs.

A new proposal by the Biden administration seeks to remove your choice of a traditional light bulb and let you use only LED bulbs.

Biden’s “Bright” Idea

The Biden administration has adopted two new rules on light bulb efficiency this week that spell the end of traditional incandescent bulbs.

On Monday (December 19), Biden’s Department of Energy (DOE) proposed “phasing out” the traditional incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with the more energy-efficient LED bulbs.

The DOE’s proposal to make LED bulbs the sole choice available for lighting houses is based on two main ambitions of the Biden administration. Cutting electricity consumed by an average household as LED bulbs are nearly $75 more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, and curbing the heat emitted by traditional bulbs and thus reducing the alleged global warming.

“Earlier this year, DOE implemented a near-term phaseout of inefficient incandescent bulbs,” the White House said Monday.

“Today’s new rule will accelerate the transition away from compact fluorescent bulbs as well, toward more efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs that deliver significant savings and that the lighting industry is already embracing.”

This Isn’t The First Time

The new rule is not the first time the federal government has taken on light bulbs in 2022 as it strives to achieve net zero by 2050.

In April, the DOE implemented rules that revised the definition of general service lamps and also set minimum efficiency standards to 45 lumens per watt.

Those standards were originally proposed at the end of 2021, and the DOE expects them to cut 222 million metric tons of emissions and save $3 billion over 30 years. The DOE hopes to have the newly proposed, more stringent standards in place by 2025.

Health Warnings Against LED

Consumers, who prefer traditional lighting, will have no choice except LED and even risk health and environmental harm.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Exeter found that blue light wavelengths associated with LED lights increase “the risk of harmful effects to ecosystems.”

Green Matters, a pro-environmentalist platform, noted that health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, and even heart attack, may result from the increased blue wavelengths emissions over time as they can interfere with sleep in both humans and animals.

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2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To Traditional Lightbulbs”
  1. I am fed up with the chicken little “the sky is falling the sky is falling” attitude. The tree huggers have gone way overboard with their demands and ill informed politicians see votes and not reality to many of these supposed problems. Saving electricity with light bulbs and then pushing electric cars makes no sense. Someone has to start using common sense before they shove these ridiculous and expensive demands upon the American public.

    1. Well said and true. We need far less government because all they do is create more problems and take away more freedom.

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