Reparations Task Force: Black People Get Priority for Renting, Buying homes

California’s new reparations task force is moving full steam ahead and demanding full veto power, as well as for blacks to be first in line to rent or buy homes.

Gavin Newsom’s Reparation’s Task Force

Governor Gavin Newsom created and assigned members to a reparations task force and assigned members in 2021. Their goal was to study the economic effects of slavery and discrimination.

This group is now demanding full veto power over the state’s real estate decisions to prioritize black people in the renting and buying markets.

The task force is urging California lawmakers to grant them authority over local land use decisions. Their goal is to assess proposed plans and determine whether they will promote or reduce segregation.

This move is supposed to prioritize fairness and equity in the decision-making process. “Residential zoning ordinances have been used for decades in California to prevent African Americans from moving into neighborhoods, thereby maintaining residential segregation” the group stated.

Task Force Wants to Review All Residential Land Use Approved by the State

“To address local zoning laws that reinforce and recreate this systemic housing segregation, the Task Force recommends that the Legislature require identified cities and counties to submit all residential land use ordinances for review and approval by a state agency, with the agency rejecting (or requiring modification of) the ordinance if the agency finds that the proposed ordinance will maintain or exacerbate levels of residential racial segregation,” they said.

California lawmakers have an alternative proposition, which says if they weren’t given the full veto power, they will request to create an “administrative appeal board.”

California’s administrative appeal board would then “review challenges to developmental permitting decisions or zoning laws and reversing the denial of a development permit if the underlying zoning requirement is deemed to maintain or reinforce residential racial segregation.”

“Right to Return” to their Supposedly Displaced Neighborhood

One of the things that the task force wants is for black residents to be given the “right to return” to the neighborhoods they were supposedly displaced from due to “gentrification.”

“The Task Force recommends the Legislature enact measures to support a right to return for those displaced by agency action, restrictive covenants, and racial terror that drove African Americans from their homes,” they said.

“The right to return should give the victims of these purges and their descendant’s preference in renting or owning property in the redevelopment area,” the task force added.

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  1. I think us older white people…. say 65 and over, should support this b.s.
    What better way to get even with all of the YOUNG, STUPID, WOKE, GUILT-RIDDEN WHITE LIBERALS who started all of this b.s. than to obligate them to a lifetime of paying for reparations with THEIR money!!!!!

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