Price is Right Host Bob Barker Turns 99!

By Alex Steele Dec13,2022

The former host of “The Price is Right” and Washington state native, Bob Barker, turned 99 years old on Monday.

Happy Birthday, Bob Barker!

Bob Barker, who hosted CBS’ ‘The Price is Right’ for 35 years beginning in 1972, celebrated a milestone birthday and turned 99 years old on Monday, December 12th.

Barker retired in 2007 when TV actor and comedian Drew Carey took over.

Television game show host Bob Barker speaking with U.S. Representative Sam Farr behind him

Every year, Barker’s brother and his wife take him out to dinner for his birthday. He usually gets to pick the restaurant, and his brother pays for dinner. Barker enjoys these intimate evenings with his family and his partner, Nancy Burnet, whom he met in 1983.

Former Price Is Right Host is Doing Great

Longtime partner, Nancy Burnet, gave Fox News Digital an update on his health ahead of the milestone celebration.

“He’s going to be 99, and he takes one prescription medication and that’s for his thyroid. That’s it. So, he does not take anything for blood pressure, cholesterol, the umpteen other things that most people take as they grow older,” the 79-year-old revealed. adding that he remains in “very good health for his age,” which she credited to a full vegan meal supplement years ago to compliment his vegetarian lifestyle.

She also noted that “his humor is still in good shape,” stating, “he’s had a very charmed life.”

An Interesting Life

Robert William Barker is an American retired television game show host from CBS’s The Price Is Right from 1972 to 2007, making it the longest-running daytime game show in North American television history.

He also hosted Truth or Consequences from 1956 to 1975.

Barker served as a naval aviator during WWII. The U.S. Naval Institute tweeted that he flew eight different aircraft. After enlisting in the U.S. Navy during World War II as a fighter pilot, he moved to California in 1950 to pursue a broadcasting career.

The TV host made several appearances in films and other television programs, and has been honored with 15 Emmy Awards, more than any other performer, and has been inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Hall of Fame.

Bob Barker’s 1st day on Truth or Consequences

In addition to being a TV gameshow host, Barker was a renowned animal activist who constantly urged his viewers to spay or neuter their pets to prevent dogs and cats from being euthanized in shelters.

Bob still visits the grave of his late wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, of 36 years, to bring her daisies.

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  1. A great defender of wildlife and all animals. A veteran, patriot and great American.
    If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was from the Greatest Generation!!

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