Popeyes Employee Sells Drugs And Shoots Someone While On the Job

By Alex Steele Oct7,2023 #Popeyes

An employee at a northeast Harris County Popeyes restaurant was arrested after authorities said he was selling drugs while working and shot at someone during a drug exchange gone wrong.

Here’s What Happened

The Harris County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office arrested a 19-year-old Popeyes employee named Yadiel Gonzalez on Thursday.

Upon arriving, deputies learned that an employee and an unidentified man got into an altercation.

Further investigation revealed the man had arrived at the business to purchase marijuana from Gonzalez and attempted to steal the backpack with the product inside.

The disturbance spilled outside the restaurant, and Gonzalez allegedly pulled out a weapon and fired at the man as he fled the scene.

According to officials, the man who stole the backpack was not injured.

Deputies said the employee, Yadiel Gonzalez, was selling marijuana while on the clock and was actively selling drugs while only working at the restaurant.

eputies were able to catch Gonzalez, and the backpack containing the gun used in the shooting was found in a trash bin, deputies say. 

Authorities said Gonzalez was arrested and charged with Unlawful carrying a weapon, Deadly conduct and Tampering with Evidence. 

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