A small plane carrying two people has landed safely after losing a door midflight over a public park, according to police.

Thank Goodness For A Safe Landing

According to Cheektowaga, New York, police, a call for assistance was received from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport around 6 p.m. Monday after a small plane carrying two people reported losing a door while flying over the area of Stiglmeier Park.

A spokesperson for Buffalo International Airport told USA TODAY that the plane, operated privately, had taken off from the airport and was 10 minutes into the flight when the door blew off.

Audio of the communications between the plane and air traffic indicated that occupants of the plane reported there was an emergency and they were heading back to the airport.

Air traffic control received the message and told them to proceed inbound, then asked to provide the nature of the emergency when they were able to.

The occupants of the plane then reported they lost the rear door.

While the plane was reported to have landed safely, the door of the plane continues to be missing Tuesday morning, said the police.

“Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the door,” said the police.

Police said the plane landed safely and they have not received any reports of any injuries or damage to any property at this point. Officers searched the area but were not able to find the door.

Oncore Aviation, which operates out of the same area as Signature, lists the Diamond Star (piston-single) (DA40) on its website. It says the aircraft is an advanced training aircraft ideal for new student pilots. Scripps News Buffalo reached out to the flight school but has yet to hear back.

The flight school also operates out of the Rochester airport where the plane is registered.

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