OJ Simpson Says He’s “Not In Hospice”

Reports from mainstream media have smeared former football sensation turned podcaster OJ Simpson and recently said he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is in hospice.

What’s Happening With OJ?

On February 9, 2024, Miami’s Local 10 News reported that O.J. was undergoing chemotherapy in Las Vegas following a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Other outlets reported that he was seeking hospice due to his deteriorating condition.

After reading and learning of these reports about himself, Simpson took to X to set the record straight: he is OK, is not in hospice, and is throwing a fun Superbowl party in Las Vegas this weekend!

Watch below:

Here are a few of the stories we found on the internet (as of this morning) that indicate a serious health condition :

OJ Simpson diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemo

O.J. Simpson diagnosed with prostate cancer

But recently, some media retracted their stories and now claim Simpson is “setting the record straight” and that his health is fine.

OJ Simpson shuts down reports he’s in ‘hospice’ following cancer treatment

With contempt, OJ Simpson responds to reports about his health

OJ, 76, did not mention the prostate cancer and chemotherapy allegations, which Las Vegas Local 10 News first reported.

However, in May 2023, he revealed in a video on X that he had completed treatment for an unspecified type of cancer, and marijuana helped him with the nausea.

He said: “In recent years — really recent years — I unfortunately caught cancer, and so I had to do the whole chemo thing.

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