O.J. Simpson’s Family Sign Legal Documents Before His Death

By Johnny Apr13,2024 #OJ Simpson

In his final days, O.J. Simpson reportedly made all his house visitors sign NDAs before they were allowed into his hospice room, as well as not having any cell phones, according to TMZ.

O.J. was surrounded by friends, family members and medical staffers – all of whom were forced to sign the paperwork that made it illegal to disclose any conversations or information while visiting the former football player and murder suspect. 

Imagine being a fly in the room during those final conversations?! 


Among those who visited him were “anywhere from 30 to 50” of Simpson’s friends, as well as Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Simpson—his two children with Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson’s two other children, whom he had with Marguerite Whitley, were reportedly by his side as well when he passed.

No doctors or visitors were ever allowed to have cell phones with them when in the room.


O.J. Simpson entered hospice care in recent weeks before passing away Wednesday at his Las Vegas home at the age of 76 from prostate cancer.

The former football star’s death has been one that brought mixed reactions. On the field, Simpson was one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Afterward, he was a pop culture star – appearing in various films as well as becoming the first athlete to make endorsement deals.

That would all be overshadowed, of course, when his former wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were both brutally murdered – something that many people believe Simpson was responsible for.

With the NDAs being signed, it appears that we may never know what O.J.’s final words were –including if he ever admitted to his family that he was behind those gruesome attacks.

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