Nurse Murdered Seven Newborns, Tried Killing More

A 33-year-old ‘unhappy and bored’ nurse killed seven innocent babies in the neonatal ward, and attempted to kill ten others.

Unhappy Nurse Kills Newborns

A nurse is accused of killing seven babies found the task of caring for healthy infants boring and preferred to remain in intensive care

While employed in the neonatal ward at the Countess of Chester Hospital, Lucy Letby, 33, reportedly engaged in a year-long killing spree.

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According to the testimony presented to the jurors, the neonatal unit was divided into four distinct areas: room one for intensive care, room two for high dependency care, and rooms three and four for “outside nurseries,” where babies were readied for discharge.

Letby got into a disagreement with a senior colleague after being instructed to work in one of the outside nurseries, and was unhappy at being assigned shifts in either room three or four.

Letby allegedly argued with a senior colleague when she was asked to work in one of the outside nurseries.

She was also “unhappy” if made to work shifts in either room three or four, it was said.

“She said it was boring and she didn’t want to feed babies. She wanted to be in intensive care”.

Coworkers Recall Several Incidents

A nurse recalled an alleged argument in June 2016 where Letby was said to be “upset” at the shift allocation.

Jurors were told she went into the outside nurseries but was “not happy with the decision”.

When asked if the nurse “made it plain” that she preferred working in intensive care, Ms Percival-Calderbank agreed.

It’s claimed some of the newborns were repeatedly targeted by the nurse – including one baby Letby is alleged to have killed after three previous failed attempts.

The Shocking Details of Letby’s Plots

A “cold-blooded” nurse was trying to kill a 98-minute-old baby when she was interrupted by a doctor who had started to link her to unexplained deaths, a court heard. She was standing over the incubator of a newborn girl whose oxygen levels had fallen “dangerously” low when a colleague walked in, a jury was told.

Ravi Jayaram, a paediatric consultant, had been “uncomfortable” that Letby was alone with the 12-week premature baby because he had “started to notice a coincidence between unexplained deaths, serious collapses and the presence of Lucy Letby”, the trial at Manchester crown court heard.

The baby, who can be named only as Baby K, died three days later but Letby is not charged with her murder.

The 33-year-old denies murdering seven babies and attempting to murder 10 others at Countess of Chester Hospital.

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