Police in North Carolina are investigating after a newborn baby was found alive in a dumpster near an apartment complex Sunday morning.

“My brain couldn’t even process it at first,” James Glenn, a Bridle Circle resident in Greenville, said.

A plate with old pasta and overflowing bags of trash made up a newborn’s cradle before it was found.

Greenville police officers said they responded to a welfare check at the Bridle Circle Apartments. A caller reported a baby in a dumpster near the apartment building.

Officers found the newborn alive, estimated to be just one or two days old.

WCTI spoke to a person who lives in the apartment complex, expressing his disbelief.

“My brain can just not fathom a baby one day old or any year-old baby put behind the dumpster,” Glenn said. “It’s insane. Insane for someone to do. It’s just crazy.”

Authorities said they located the juvenile mother on Monday.

The Greenville Fire and Rescue team transported the baby to ECU Health for an evaluation.

Detectives contacted the NC Department of Social Services (DSS) to assist with the investigation.

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