“New Dawn Is Coming” For Toyota’s Most Popular Car

Most vehicles might be getting more expensive, but they’re also getting a lot more impressive, too.

The most recent data is in, and the September Consumer Price Index reports that goods likes food, gasoline, new cars are up compared to the year prior. 

Here’s a breakdown of what some of the most recent price increases look like:

  • Food: increase 3.7% year-over-year
  • Gasoline: increase 3% year-over-year
  • Transportation services: increase 9.1% year-over-year
  • New vehicles: increase 2.5%. year-over-year

Used cars and trucks decreased 8% year-over-year. 

But, for those in the market for a new vehicle, it’s reasonable to understand why some folks might be putting off that purchase until prices come back down to earth a little bit. 

If you’re in the market for a reliable sedan, or a Toyota  (TOYOF)  specifically, it might be a good idea to wait until 2025, when one of its most beloved models might diverge quite a bit from its current appearance.

Toyota plans a major update

Since it’s regarded as one of the most reliable people-pleasers on the market, Toyota has been largely insulated from price hesitancy. One of its latest releases, the redesigned Sequoia, has been selling like hotcakes since it came out in 2022. And the newly reintroduced Land Cruiser, due out in 2024, has caused a buzz online as the car maker recently redesigned its body for vintage enthusiasts.

It’s not just Toyota’s SUVs getting all the love, though. Toyota has been paying special attention to one of its best-selling models on record, carefully hinting at a fresh new design for its Camry in the coming years.

“A New Dawn is Coming,” Toyota wrote cryptically with a shadowy image of what some analysts and bloggers believe is the silhouette of the 2025 Camry. 

The Camry is the best-selling midsize sedan in the U.S. and the fifth-best selling vehicle overall in the world. 

No stranger to best-sellers, the top five best-selling cars in the world are as follows: 

  1. Toyota Corolla
  2. Toyota RAV-4
  3. Honda CRV
  4. Nissan Sentra
  5. Toyota Camry

Currently, this is the only image we’ve got of the potentially redesigned Camry, but Toyota has been known to stoke teaser campaigns for eager fans with other makes in the past, too. 

It spent months of 2023 releasing teaser images of its beloved pickup truck, the Tacoma, before finally unveiling the re-imagined look in full in May. 

“Since this is the first image we’re seeing, we don’t have any details about the vehicle’s interior. Toyota’s newest products, like the Prius and Crown, feature a large, portrait-oriented infotainment screen on top of the center stack. The Camry already offers lots of safety tech, and there’s no reason to expect that to change,” auto blog Motor 1 says.

Toyota has remained mum on when exactly the official release might happen, though Car and Driver expects it will “will break cover soon.”

This article is a repost by The Street: One of the most popular cars in the world will soon be unrecognizable

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