Musk Considers Labeling CNN’s Tweets As Propaganda

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, hinted that he might have to add propaganda warnings to tweets from CNN.

Controversy at CNN

This came to light after it was revealed that the network had actively discouraged its staff from investigating or sharing any information regarding the origin of COVID-19 from a lab.

Fox News reports that an inside source at CNN has charged that the former president Jeff Zucker gave the order to everyone at CNN to back off any talk about COVID having originated in a Chinese lab, labelling it a “Trump talking point.”

Following a significant leak, which disclosed that the Department of Energy, in addition to the State Department and the FBI, had determined that the virus probably originated from the Wuhan lab, an insider from CNN stated that “People are starting to awaken from their stupor,” and went on to say, “It’s insane that we didn’t pursue this more aggressively.”

Discrediting Information

CNN not only abandoned the possibility of the lab leak theory but also started making efforts to discredit it with individuals such as Oliver Darcy producing articles titled “How to debunk COVID-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories from loved ones.”

With all of this in mind, Musk responded Monday to a Twitter user who asked him, “When are you going to label CNN as State Affiliated Media?”

Fauci Was Included

Musk also responded to a tweet from Dr Jay Bhattacharya, noting that Fauci “egregiously betrayed the public trust,”:

Before releasing a collection of Twitter files in December, which revealed how the Biden administration tried to control the pandemic narrative through censorship and the suppression of information, Musk had advocated for the prosecution of Fauci.

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