Mom Finds Box Cutter Inside McDonald’s Happy Meal

In a shocking incident, a Mom was shocked to find a box cutter in her daughter’s McDonald’s Happy Meal instead of a toy.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Isn’t A Toy

A Michigan mom raised alarms on Facebook this week after finding a box cutter in her daughter’s McDonald’s Happy Meal instead of a toy. 

Dawn Paret, in the post, said, “You hear of things like this, but never did I think it truly could happen. The amount of worry and rage that went through me – I have never experienced.”

Another woman from Michigan raised the alarm about a similar incident recently.

On May 22, Kayla Ann told fellow parents to be careful after she found a plastic yellow box cutter in her daughter’s Happy Meal. She stated in the post that the incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Brighton. 

Outrage From Mom’s

The mom’s post has triggered an avalanche of comments from other outraged parents who urged her to call corporate and lawyer up.

The moms are now urging other parents to be vigilant and check their kids’ Happy Meals in the future.

In a statement issued to USA Today, McDonald’s said they are investigating. “The safety of customers and employees is our top priority, and we take these claims seriously,” the statement read.

“We have been in touch with the customers involved and are continuing to investigate,” the fast-food company said.

This Isn’t The First Time

In 2020, this person pointed out that their friend’s son found a box cutter in the Happy Meal.

And in 2019, another Twitter user said a kid found a box cutter in their Happy Meal.

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