Mets Baseball Player Really Had to “Go”, Hits Home Run

New York Mets player Pete Alonso mistimed his coffee intake and tried getting off the field as fast as possible and ended up batting a home run.

Here’s What Happened

Turns out, there was an ulterior motive behind Pete Alonso’s second-inning home run off Hunter Greene a few weeks ago.

“I mistimed my pregame coffee. Mistimed it. I had it too close to game time,” Alonso said.

“So I was hitting the top of the second, I was leading off the inning. I said I don’t care where this pitch is, this at-bat is ending first pitch. Because I need to go.” 

Luckily for Alonso, the first pitch was something hittable, and he ended up tying the game at one after the Reds had scored in the bottom half of the first.

“As soon as I touch home plate, it was straight to the bathroom,” Alonso said. “No high fives, straight to the bathroom. 

“… That was best-case but dude, honestly, if I had to run the bases, honestly I would’ve gotten picked off on purpose or something. I would’ve had to go so bad.”

The Mets, of course, will happily take it. 

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