Mary Lou Retton Speaks Out After Being Hospitalized

Mary Lou Retton shared her first public statement since being hospitalized for a rare form of pneumonia earlier this month.

Mary Lou Speaks To The Public Afer Health Battle

In a recent social media post, Mary Lou Retton has been revealed to be gearing up to make her first public appearance after a rollercoaster battle in 2023, and she has one of the best in the business to guide her along the way.

In her latest Instagram post, famous American TV host Hoda Kotb shared a series of beaming pictures of herself beside the legendary gymnast. “@marylouretton is speaking out for the first time since being released from the ICU“, reads the post and Kotb and Retton look excited for the latter’s interview.

The media personality also revealed that Retton will be seen for the first time since her health issue talking to Kotb on the popular Today Show.

The Olympic gold medalist addressed her followers with a statement on her Instagram page Oct. 30.

The update comes nearly three weeks after Retton — who became a tour de force in the world of ’80s gymnastics as a teen — was first reported by her daughters to be in crisis.

Retton’s daughters’ revealed that she was in an intensive care unit and “fighting for her life” with pneumonia Oct. 10. At the time, Retton’s daughters asked for financial support in a crowd-funding page, explaining that Retton doesn’t have health insurance.

In the weeks since, Retton’s daughters have kept followers up to date on her continuing fight and thanked them for their continued support.

Mary’s road to recovery is still in its nascent stages, it looks like her fans are willing to stay beside her all the way to the top.

The Olympian’s absence of health insurance made the fans nervous with its daunting prospects, but as she shows resilience to keep her head above the troubled waters, they once again come with assuring words for the legend.

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