Man Wins $40K For 25 Years From Scratch-Off

It doesn’t happen often in the world of scratch-off lottery tickets, but when you do win big, you tend to win really big.

That’s what one Ohio man learned after landing $40,000 a year for the next 25 years — and yes, just by way of one scratch-off.

The individual, simply identified as Tim, hails from Wooster and his winnings were part of the Ohio Lottery 50th Anniversary Scratch-Off goings-on.

According to a release from the Ohio Lottery, Tim chose the prize cash option of $500,000. That means he will receive $360,000 after taxes.

The 50th Anniversary Scratch-Off is a $50 ticket celebrating the Ohio Lottery’s 50th year of existence. The top prize is $600,000 a year for 25 years, per the release.

Per the Ohio Lottery:

Tim wanted to buy a 50th Anniversary scratch-off, but he only had $30, so he said he bought a $20 Lady Luck 100X instead. Lady Luck was smiling on him because he won $50 and he used it to buy a 50th Anniversary scratch-off.

“I scratched off the prize thinking I’d win $100, and I would’ve been cool with that. When I saw the prize I think I about fainted! Then I hollered out I won $1 million!” Tim said.

He asked the clerk to scan it and he confirmed that it was a $1 million winner. 

Tim is eyeing up a Harley Davidson and some other toys to spend his winnings.

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