Man Steals Woman’s House While She’s In Hospice

A man is accused of illegally transferring a woman’s Memphis home into his name while she was bedridden in hospice care.

Levern Evans told police he purchased the house on Carpenter Street in Binghampton from its owner on May 17. Records show he filed a quit claim deed on that date, police said.

Police said they responded to a complaint call at the house May 20, as Evans was cleaning it out. He told officers he had permission from the former owner, but couldn’t provide police with proof of the transaction.

But the owner’s son, who has power of attorney, says his mother was in hospice care in another state suffering from dementia and stage 4 cancer, and he hadn’t transferred the property. He pressed charges on behalf of his mother.

Evans, 47, was arrested Sunday and charged with theft of property $10,000-$60,000, forgery $10,000-$60,000 and unlawful transfer.

Shermarrow Darnell, who notarized the transfer, is charged with official misconduct in connection with the case. Both were released without bond.

The property is appraised by the Shelby County Assessor at $28,000.

Property records list Evans as the owner, showing he quitclaimed it on May 17 for $9,000. His mailing address is listed next door on Carpenter.

We went to Evan’s address listed on court documents, but it didn’t look like anyone lived there.

County records show Evans owns two other properties. Both properties were obtained through quit claim deeds. Nothing indicates that those deeds are being called into question.

WREG Investigators have told you about similar stories before. Sometimes, it would be months or years before the owner found out that someone filed a fraudulent quit claim deed, taking ownership of a property.

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  1. These people are complete trash with zero possibility of the changing. Probably never had a job just low life’s s***! Maybe if those on death row were actually put to death we would have room in our prisons for trash like this. I can’t imagine being one of their parents I would just die of embarrassment.

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