Man Spends 100 Days Underwater, Emerges 10 Years Younger

A professor and deep sea diver gains ten years in longevity and loses an inch of height, but his groundbreaking underwater experiment succeeded overall.

Deep Sea Diver Gets Younger After Living Under Water

Joseph Dituri, a University of South Florida professor and former U.S. Navy diver, conducted a groundbreaking experiment by spending over 100 days underwater in a 592-square-foot research station in the Florida Keys.

Surprisingly, this underwater journey reversed his biological age by about 10 years.

Here’s an example of where he stayed during his 100 days:

World Record Holder Living Under Water

Dituri now holds the world record for the longest time spent living underwater, surpassing the previous record of 73 days.

He accomplished this feat at the Jules’ Undersea Lodge, known as the only underwater hotel in the United States.

During his time underwater, Dituri focused on studying the effects of hyperbaric pressure on the human body.

Health Results Are Astonishing

He measured the length of his telomeres and overall stem cell count, finding a remarkable 20% increase in telomere length and an astounding 1,000% increase in his body’s natural stem cell count.

Telomeres, which typically shorten with age, are critical for safeguarding our DNA from damage, and their preservation is a key target in longevity research.

In addition to the anti-aging effects, the underwater immersion had other positive impacts on Dituri’s health. Notably, he experienced a 72-point reduction in cholesterol levels and a 50% decrease in inflammatory markers.

Before embarking on the experiment, Dituri had concerns about potential negative effects of living underwater, including reduced exposure to sunlight and changes in gravity affecting his health. However, he managed to address these challenges by using exercise bands regularly and engaging in daily swimming sessions.

Dituri also speculated that living underwater might have additional benefits, similar to those observed in therapeutic hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

These benefits include improved brain health and cognition. The remarkable outcome of feeling ten years younger exceeded his expectations.

Although scientists still have much to learn about the biological effects of living underwater, this research hints at the potential for underwater spas and further exploration in the future.

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