Man Returned $4M Check to Haribo, Thanked Him With ‘Just Candy’

A man in Germany found a lost check for $4.8 million made out to confectionery Haribo, and received what he thought, was a “cheap” thank-you gift of candies.

Anouar G. was on his way home from visiting his mother when he noticed a piece of paper fluttering on the ground.

He picked it up and saw it was a crossed check for $4.8 million, or 4,631,538.80 euros, made out to Haribo from the German supermarket chain, Rewe.

 “There was such a large sum on it that I couldn’t even pronounce it,” Anouar G. told the Bilde, a German media outlet.

He contacted Haribo, whose lawyer told him to destroy the check., which he did, and sent a picture as proof.

Haribo thanked the nice man with a thank you gift box that included six packs of the company’s candy. Haribo is well-known for its gummy bear candy sold in a gold bag.

“I thought that was a bit cheap,” Anouar G. told the German newspaper.

Haribo confirmed the incident and said since the check was crossed, only the company could have been able to redeem it anyway.

Candymaker Haribo also said that the package sent is their standard thank you package.

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