Little People Star Matt Roloff Puts Farm For Sale $3.3M

Matt, 61, previously asked $4million for the farmland and then took it off the market to list it as a rental property.

he Roloff’s rental business may not have been booming to their expectations, as The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal the property is back on the market for a slash in price.

According to Realtor, the five bed, three-and-a-half bathroom home is back on the market for $3,395,000.

The home sits on a 16.6 acre lot where the Roloff family hosts their pumpkin season tour every year.

Matt put the famous home back on the market on Tuesday, August 1.


In October 2022, The U.S. Sun previously reported Matt decided to pull the home from the market and list it as a rental instead.

After the farm was on the market for 160 days, an insider at Roloff Farm told The U.S. Sun Matt revealed his big decision during a Q&A session at the farm.

When curious fans began asking about the fate of the famous family home and land property for sale, Matt shared he had made the decision to list the home as an Airbnb rental.

At the time, Matt revealed the home was 26 weeks behind schedule from opening up to guests due to severe delays at the permit office.


As the rental renovations were underway, Jacob, 26, and his wife Isabel, 27, had moved into a fifth-wheel camper home on a private property plot of land under heavy construction beside the Roloff farm.

Last fall, a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “Jacob and Isabel are living on the farm full time.

“They were renting a place previously, and are saving up while on the farm.”

Fifth-wheel camper homes can range from $36,000 to $135,000 depending on size and amenities.

The source claims the crafty couple was also considering converting a bus into their temporary home.

At the time, it was unclear if the construction on Jacob and Isabel’s private land is for a future family home for them to settle into, or if Matt’s youngest son is only staying close by until the farm finds a buyer.

The source continued: “[Jacob and Isabel] are living there to save money and help out on the farm.

“The rest of the family doesn’t mind, as Matt and Caryn get along so well with them.”


As Jacob has fallen onto his father’s good side, his older twin brothers Zach and Jeremy, 33, refused to show up during last year’s pumpkin season – the family’s busiest time of year.

Jeremy was busy settling into his new $1.5million farm with his wife Audrey, 32.

Although their new property is only a little over a ten-minute drive away from the Roloff farm, Jeremy did not show up to help out during the season.

Meanwhile, Zach shocked fans early last summer with the announcement he would not help out for the family’s pumpkin season amid his nasty feud with Matt.

The pair clashed after Zach and his wife Tori‘s offer to buy a portion of the family farm was declined.

In a previous episode of LPBW, Zach revealed during a confessional: “My dad and I could not come to an agreement on buying the farm, so with everything going on, I made the decision not to work pumpkin season.

“I’m disenchanted by the whole thing, so, yeah. I’m stepping away.”


Despite Jeremy and Zach both presenting offers to Matt to buy the farm, he refused their offers and instead decided to put the land up for sale.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Matt was previously asking for $4 million for the original family home and bright red barn.

Zach responded to the farm being posted for sale by ripping his father, calling him a “bad grandparent” who doesn’t “value his family.”

Amy also fired back and said on the season finale: “I think you went crazy or something. I don’t know the details of the negotiation with the two boys. For the price it is, the kids can’t afford that.”

Matt responded: “The good news is, there are 93 acres for this family.” 

Amy slammed: “No, there are 93 acres for Matt Roloff. It’s not part of the family anymore.”

This article is a repost by The U.S. Sun: Little People’s Matt Roloff puts family farm up for sale and cuts price down to $3.3M amid family feud with sons

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