Leaked Video Shows Drunk State Representative

By Johnny Feb 10, 2024 #Drunk #Pennsylvania #State Rep.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle, a Democrat who represents sections of Northeast Philadelphia, is in hot water after a clip of his drunken rant inside a Montgomery County bar went viral.

The video shows a man, identified as Boyle, yelling and cursing at people inside Gaul & Co. Malt House, a bar in Rockledge, Pennsylvania.

“I can f***ing end this bar by the way. I’ll f***ing end this bar by the way,” Boyle can be heard saying to bar employees who were asking him to leave.

Boyle chalked up his behavior to “U.S. military intelligence and traitors.” He proceeded to then refer to employees and customers as “f***ing idiots” who have “no idea what’s going on.”

At one point, Boyle threatens people inside the bar that he’ll prevent their “promotion.”

“Do you not think I’m going to prevent your promotion in the United States military?” he asks.

Boyle’s office has yet to release a statement on the incident, which according to Philly Crime Update, occurred earlier this week. A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania House Democratic Leaders did provide a statement when asked by NBC 10 Philadelphia.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media. It is very troubling. Rep. Boyle has been open about his personal challenges,” the spokesperson wrote. “We are encouraged that our colleague and dear friend is seeking help. Our commitment to delivering mental health services does not stop at the Capitol Steps. One of the main reasons we advocate so strongly for mental health access is the reality that challenges can and do happen to anyone, and seeking treatment should be encouraged, not stigmatized.”

In 2021, Boyle was arrested and charged with harassment and violating a protection order that was filed by his wife.

“It is important to note that Kevin Boyle is not accused of any act of violence. By agreement with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Kevin is scheduled for a mental health evaluation,” Boyle’s attorney, R. Emmett Madden, told NBC 10 in relation to the 2021 arrest. “He intends to follow through with all court, mental health and medical recommendations, including treatment. We are confident that with treatment, Kevin can return to full health, resolve these charges, and continue serving his constituents.”

Boyle has represented Pennsylvania’s 172nd district, which covers parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery County, since 2010.

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