Kirk Cameron Denied Story-hour Slot by Public Libraries Due to ‘Racial Equity’

Kirk Cameron’s publisher has been rejected by more than 50 public libraries because his book “celebrates family, faith and biblical wisdom.”

Kirk Cameron’s Book “As You Grow”

Growing Pains kid-star Kirk Cameron is featured in Brave Books for his new book “As You Grow,” a family-friendly book.

Public libraries rejected his publisher more than 50 times when they asked if Cameron could host a reading of his new faith-based children’s book.

Brave Books Publishing Co. chose Cameron’s book as December’s Freedom Island Book Club writer.

As You Grow, our December book, is written by the legendary Kirk Cameron. This fun story with brilliant art teaches the Biblical truths of the Fruit of the Spirit. Follow Sky Tree’s journey from a small acorn to a mighty tree that provides shade, sustenance, and lodging!” – Brave Books Publishing Co.

The book teaches “Biblical truths of the Fruit of the Spirit.” and includes a challenge for children:

Brave Books, As You Grow, Page 35

“It teaches biblical wisdom and the value of producing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control.”

Libraries Say No

Many of the same libraries that won’t give Cameron a slot are actively offering “drag queen” story hours or similar programs for kids and young people, according to Cameron’s book publisher and according to a review of the libraries’ websites and current program listings. 

When Brave Books pointed out that Cameron’s book contributes in its own way to a diverse collection of ideas, beliefs and stories, the library representative replied, “Well, we are focusing on racial equity.”

Another library said, “We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align,” the library worker also told Brave Books. 

Cameron told Fox News Digital, “This is proof that more than ever, we are getting destroyed in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children,” after reacting to the news that he has yet to be booked into a single children’s story hour at a public library in America for his new book, and commenting on the rejections and comments he’s received.

Cameron also said, “Publicly funded libraries are green-lighting ‘gender marker and name change clinics’ while denying a story time that would involve the reading of a book that teaches biblical wisdom. How much more clear can it get?”

He added, “We have to start fighting back, or we will lose our kids and this country.”

Library Funding

Public libraries are overwhelmingly funded through local government funds. Only a tiny fraction of public library funding comes from donations, grants, and federal funding.

The state with the highest per capita amount, New York, spent about $69 per capita in 2018, while Mississippi, the lowest, spent $16.42, according to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

As of 2019, there were approximately 9,000 public libraries in the U.S., according to the American Library Association. That data comes from the Public Libraries Survey, conducted annually by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

Cameron’s sister, Fuller House actress Candace Cameron Bure, has also come under fire in recent weeks. She was slammed as a “bigot” last month after saying that the Great American Family network, where she serves as an executive, would likely not include homosexual couples in holiday movies, instead opting to “keep traditional marriage at the core.”

Currently, Amazon is not carrying Cameron’s book “As You Grow. He is currently selling 30 books.

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One thought on “Kirk Cameron Denied Story-hour Slot by Public Libraries Due to ‘Racial Equity’”
  1. I don’t agree with the libraries. Kirk Cameron has just as much right to read his book during a reading hour at any library. What’s happening is reverse discrimination! We are seeing more and more of this. Parents need to tune in more to what is going on in their local libraries! Discrimination of any kind is wrong! People may not agree with me, but that’s ok. I’m entitled to my opinions just as much as the next person!

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