Kamala’s Christmas Party Speech Gets Interrupted

A Delaware state Representative interrupted Vice President Kamala Harris’ speech during a Christmas party to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

Harris Had Better Days

Harris was in the middle of speaking at a Christmas party on Monday night when Delaware state Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton held up a sign that read “cease-fire” and began yelling at the vice president.

“Madame Vice President, I’m the state rep from Delaware,” Democratic Delaware State Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton shouted from the crowd while Harris spoke from a podium.

“Did you know that in Bethlehem, they’re not celebrating Christmas?” she shouted as she held up a large black sign reading “Ceasefire Now.”

“Did you know that in Bethlehem baby Jesus is under rubble? Why won’t you call for a ceasefire?”

“Everybody has a right to be heard, and so I appreciate you wanting to be heard but right now I’m speaking,” Harris replied. Wilson-Anton then appeared to be escorted out of the event.

Wilson-Anton, the first practicing Muslim to be elected to Delaware’s General Assembly, is a self-described progressive who won her seat in Delaware’s 26th district in 2020, according to her government biography.

Brian Fallon, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton who recently stepped down as head of the group Demand Justice, will join the Biden campaign as Vice President Harris’s communications director, according to two people familiar with the move.

Fallon has a history of comments that could prove awkward for his boss’s boss. At Demand Justice, he spearheaded a campaign to pressure then-Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer to retire because of Breyer’s advanced age. A longtime Harris cheerleader, Fallon slammed Biden during a 2019 Democratic debate, writing on X, formerly Twitter, that “Biden trying to complete an answer is a tender moment,” and criticizing Biden for his past collaboration with segregationists.

Fallon spent the last several years running Demand Justice, a liberal advocacy group that urged Democrats to prioritize the elevation of left-leaning judges to the courts. The group has led calls to expand the Supreme Court — an idea President Biden has repeatedly rejected — and has often been critical of the Biden White House for not moving aggressively enough to remake the federal judiciary.

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