Landowners are being warned of corporations like JP Morgan who is urging government to conduct land seizures for the green energy agenda.

CEO Says Governments Should Seize Private Land

Jamie Dimon, the long-serving CEO of the Wall Street titan who donates to the Democratic Party, has proposed that governments meet net-zero targets by seizing private land for wind and solar farms, and at an accelerated and urgent level.

In his annual shareholder letter, Mr Dimon said: “Permitting reforms are desperately needed to allow investment to be done in any kind of timely way. 

“We may even need to evoke eminent domain – we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.”

The suggestion is uncommon, particularly from the CEO of a Wall Street bank with a long tenure, and may provoke controversy as US states are tightening their grip on expropriation orders.

On Monday, legislators in Iowa passed a bill that seeks to shield private property owners from being subjected to eminent domain by carbon pipeline companies.

He added: “The need to provide energy affordably and reliably for today, as well as make the necessary investments to decarbonise for tomorrow, underscores the inextricable links between economic growth, energy security and climate change. We need to do more, and we need to do so immediately.

“To expedite progress, governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations need to align across a series of practical policy changes that comprehensively address fundamental issues that are holding us back. Massive global investment in clean energy technologies must be done and must continue to grow year-over-year.”

Big Corporations

Mr. Dimon’s comments also come as tensions between investors grow about how to tackle climate change. 

Vanguard, the world’s second-largest asset manager, withdrew from Mark Carney’s global climate change alliance in December.

The company claimed that the alliance’s unequivocal commitment to addressing climate change led to “uncertainty about the stances of individual investment firms.”

Mr Dimon said: “Polarisation, paralysis and basic lack of analysis cannot keep us from addressing one of the most complex challenges of our time. Diverse stakeholders need to come together, seeking the best answers through engagement around our common interest. 

“Bolstering growth must go hand in hand with both securing an energy future and meeting science-based climate targets for future generations.”

JP Morgan’s Questionable History

JP Morgan Chase supports land grabbing for the sake of the world’s to-do checklist, but the corporation has seen it’s days of rocky roads.

Jeffery Epstein‘s 15 year relationship with JP Morgan Chase: “An attorney for the U.S. Virgin Islands argued in federal court that JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and ex-top bank executive Jes Staley were aware of sex trafficking by the bank’s notorious client Jeffrey Epstein.”

2019 Affiliation with Drugs: “A cargo ship that was seized last month with nearly 20 tons of cocaine on board — with an estimated street value of $1.3 billion. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said this was the largest vessel ever seized in the agency’s 230-year history.”

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  1. These CEO’s can give their land, all of it, to the solar and wind farms. We are not giving our land for that at all. They need to put some brains into those empty spaces between their ears.

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