It’s that time of the year again, Girl Scout Cookie Season! Girl Scouts raise funds for activities through successful fundraisers like selling cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies are a type of cookie sold by the Girl Scouts of the USA as a fundraising activity. Some of the most popular varieties include Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, Tagalongs, and Do-si-dos.

The cookies are typically sold door-to-door by Girl Scouts or through annual cookie sales events and are known for their sweet, buttery flavor and variety of textures.

The top 3 cookies sold by the Girl Scouts of the USA are normally:

  1. Thin Mints – a crisp, chocolate-covered cookie with a mint filling
  2. Samoas – a chewy cookie with caramel, coconut, and chocolate coating
  3. Trefoils – a classic shortbread cookie with a light, buttery flavor.

Girl Scout cookie sales generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year, with the funds going toward supporting the organization’s programs, services, and activities.

A portion of the money raised through cookie sales is used to support local troop activities, such as camping trips, community service projects, and educational events.

The Girl Scouts of the USA was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia.

Two Girl Scouts building a fire in camp 1912

It was created as a way for girls to develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and a sense of community, and it has since grown into a large, international organization with millions of members.

Birthplace of Girl Scouting in America 1912. Carriage house of Juliette Low

Over the years, the Girl Scouts has expanded its mission to include activities and programs aimed at helping girls develop a wide range of skills, from outdoor adventure and STEM to financial literacy and community service.

There are over 2 million girls and adults involved in the Girl Scouts of the USA, which includes members of local troops, adult volunteers, and staff members.

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