Hunter Biden Fights Back

By Alex Steele Sep18,2023 #Hunter Biden #IRS

Hunter Biden’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against the IRS, stating that agents have “targeted and sought to embarrass” the president’s son.

Hunter Biden Sues IRS

Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit Monday accusing IRS agents of “repeatedly and intentionally” publicly sharing his private tax return information while they criminally investigate him.

Those agents “have targeted and sought to embarrass Mr. Biden” by disclosing confidential information about his private tax matters to the media, the president’s son alleged in the civil suit in federal court in Washington, D.C.

Biden wants a court to declare that the IRS unlawfully revealed his tax matters and award him $1,000 in damages for each unauthorized disclosure.

“Biden is the son of the President of the United States. He has all the same responsibilities as any other American citizen, and the IRS can and should make certain that he abides by those responsibilities,” the lawsuit said. “Similarly, Mr. Biden has no fewer or lesser rights than any other American citizen, and no government agency or government agent has free rein to violate his rights simply because of who he is.”

It comes days after Hunter Biden was indicted on federal firearms charges alleging that he lied about his drug use to buy and possess a gun in October 2018. The case could be on track toward a possible high-stakes trial as the 2024 election looms.

IRS supervisory special agent Greg Shapley and a second agent, Joe Ziegler, have claimed there was a pattern of “slow-walking investigative steps” into Hunter Biden in testimony before Congress.

The Justice Department has denied any political interference in the case.

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