Homeless Man Murdered With Axe Caught On Camera

By Johnny Apr1,2024 #Axe #Homeless #Seattle

The Washington state man who prosecutors believe is responsible for murdering a homeless man with an axe is scheduled to enter his plea in court Wednesday.

Liam Kryger, 25, is charged with first-degree murder after the victim was found dead outside Town Hall Seattle in First Hill on Feb. 22. Court documents say Kryger was captured on surveillance cameras chasing the victim and looking around to make sure no one else was there before swinging a “long handled weapon in downward motion.”

Investigators came back to the crime scene three days later and saw someone at a nearby park who matched Kryger’s description. The suspect was then seen on camera dropping the axe and running away.

Court documents say the weapon was bought from a Lowe’s Home Improvement on Feb. 9. Kryger’s bail has been set for $5 million.

After identifying the suspect through surveillance footage, he was arrested outside his home about a half-mile away from the murder scene.

Court documents say when Kryger was arrested, he was wearing the same clothes seen on video at the time of the murder, and he admitted the person in the photos was him.

Neighbors are relieved he’s behind bars after learning of the terrifying details about this case.

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