Home Depot Customer Bit in Face by Great Dane

By Alex Steele Apr9,2023 #Dogs #Home Depot #Pets

In a Colorado Home Depot store, a dog belonging to another customer violently injured a patron by biting them in the face.

Here’s What Happened

A customer was visiting a Home Depot in Evergreen when a dog’s owner and trainer approached them.

Jefferson County authorities has asked the public for help determining who the dog’s owners were.

The sheriff’s office said the woman with the dog asked another customer to give the dog a treat, but the customer was bit in the face. While Home Depot employees tended to the victim, the woman left the scene with her Great Dane.

Both women were recorded on the store’s surveillance camera. After the injury report, authorities released photos of the women in question.

Police say that the victim sustained “serious” injuries and will need facial surgery because of the attack.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff, the victim wants to press charges. Two possible charges are pending that include dog fighting off premises under owner control or harboring a vicious dog. 

Two women whose large dog bit a customer’s face inside a Home Depot and who were being sought by Colorado authorities have been identified.

The sheriff’s office did not release the names of the women, nor did they say if they are in custody.

The owner claims the dog did not bite the victim but rather head-butted the victim. The dog is 7 days into it’s standard quarantine for rabies, at it’s home. 

“The owner would be held accountable for restitution or in the event of any enforcement action,” the sheriff’s office explained on Facebook. “For dog bites, the dog is quarantined at their home for 10 days, to ensure the dog is not exhibiting any behaviors associated with rabies.”

Dogs on leashes are allowed inside Home Depot stores.

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