Hero Saves Puppies Found In Sack On Side Of Road

By Johnny Mar29,2024

A FOX26 viewer sent us photos of five beautiful puppies he found in a sack on the side of a road near Porterville.

He said some heartless person dumped the pups at Scranton and Road 2016 in a rural area west of Porterville.

He originally saw just one wandering by the road but then heard the other four crying nearby and found them in a sack.

The area where he found them is not far from a canal. “I was just glad this horrible person decided to dump them off the road and not in the canal,” he said.

I have them under my care. I have experience in whelping and have made appointments for them to be fixed and seen by a vet.

Those adorable puppies are lucky to have been found by you!

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