Google To Ban Independent Media From Search Results

Google has announced plans to completely ban all independent media outlets from appearing in their search results, to help fight misinformation.

Google has announced plans to completely ban all independent media outlets from appearing in their search results, to help fight what Google et’ all call misinformation.

Google Plans To Censor Independent Media – Yikes!

Google has unveiled a new global content management tool in collaboration with various organizations, including the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

The tool was introduced by LaToya Drake, head of Google News Lab, and wishes to enhance online information quality and combat ‘misinformation.’

Google News Lab, a part of the Google News Initiative (GNI), partners with journalists to counter misinformation and promote accurate reporting. The GNI isn’t new, per say, because Google rolled it out about five years ago, so “journalism can thrive in a digital age” and help prevent “fake news“.

The tech giant spent over $300 million funding media projects through the Google News Initiative, a project that should help “quality publications to flourish.”

From LaToya’s website:

I am the Head of North America for News Lab at Google, where I work hand-in-hand with business and product teams to build industry shifting news partnerships. Prior to this role I was Head of Media Representation at Google, leading the company’s efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable media ecosystem.

In 2019, I was a finalist for AdColor’s Innovator of the Year award for my work in tech and media. 

Before coming to Google I worked with Waggener Edstrom as an Account Manager for Microsoft, overseeing national broadcast and marketing integrations for Windows.

One of my most rewarding experiences was as an adjunct at NYU, where I taught the course PR 2.0: Using Social Media Channels to Actively Engage Customers and Their Communities.

I reside in New York City, but will always be a girl raised in the South.

MA in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University  
BS in Communications and Political Science from Florida State University. ​

Google News Lab is “a team within the Google News Initiative whose mission is to collaborate with journalists to fight misinformation” and other things.

Google News Initiative (“GNI”) “works with publishers and journalists to fight misinformation.”

GNI partnered with The Weather Channel in June.

The Weather Channel television network and Google News Initiative today announced the launch of a new SKYFX Camera Network aimed at gathering weather data and visuals that will enhance the network’s weather coverage. This partnership between Google and The Weather Channel is a result of Google‘s strategic relationship with The Weather Channel parent company, Allen Media Group. Allen Media Group works with Google in areas including YouTube, Google Play, Android Mobile, Google TV, Marketing and Google Cloud.

A study earlier this year found many Google News Initiative projects in the Middle East, and Africa struggled to become more than makeshift versions of the original idea.

Latin America was also not impressed.

Critics Voice Concerns

Critics argue the tool serves a different purpose than helping fight misinformation – global internet censorship.

They contend the GNI’s true motive is to control online narratives and eliminate dissenting viewpoints on topics of Google’s choosing.

The “Data Commons” tool aggregates data from diverse sources into a unified database.

Wikipedia’s page for Data Commons states: “Google has worked with partners including the United States Census, the World Bank, and US Bureau of Labor Statistics to populate the repository, which also hosts data from Wikipedia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

The database creates a knowledge graph connecting data from multiple open sources, enabling users to access comprehensive information about entities or subjects within Google’s database.

Data Commons was launched in 2018 and initially included fact-checking data published by various fact-checkers. Over time, it expanded to accommodate more data sources, and by October 2020, it became accessible via Google search, allowing users to explore data through natural language queries.

The Data Commons site was launched in May 2018 with an initial dataset of fact-checking data published in ClaimReview format by several “fact-checkers” from Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network and Duke Reporters’ Lab.

Freedom to Retrieve “Anything” To Change On Google

According to Naked Truth News, it aims to eliminate dissent on any topic Google chooses. “The algorithms are Google’s last-ditch attempt to control the internet before people worldwide can no longer access it.  The goal is to have one point of view via the ‘Data Commons’, which supports one global government under the United Nations (UN) banner.

On their platform, Google has the only say on what news gets read or blocked from the internet.

Google’s algorithmsare designed to delete websites that criticize topics like:

  • COVID-19 statistics
  • the World Bank
  • the FBI’s crime statistics
  • PharmGKB
  • a one-world global government

The tool’s impact is widespread, with more than 7,000 partners contributing to its development and implementation.

In 2018 Google worked with China to launch a censored search engine.

What do you think about this?

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  1. Google has way too much influence in things that they shouldn’t have any influence at all in. I liked it a lot better when they were just a great search engine.

  2. well of course they would, they: Like the states of History have torn down and rewritten history to suit themselves including changing definitions in the dictionary to support their wickedness

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