Girl Scout Gets Robbed While Selling Cookies At Walmart (Video)

Fort Worth police are looking for the person who stole money from a Girl Scout cookie stand in front of a Walmart on the city’s far west side.

Girl Scout Troop’s Money Stolen In Broad Daylight

A police report indicates Girl Scouts from Troop 2716 were selling cookies outside the Walmart Supercenter at 9500 Clifford Street that Sunday to raise money for a planned summer trip to Australia. 

In the footage, you can see a man walking out of the Walmart store on the 9500 block of Clifford Street at about 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 11. As the man walked by, he reached behind the table, grabbed the bag that contained the earnings for the day, and ran to the parking lot.

Police said the bag contained the Girl Scout’s cash earnings for her cookie sales that day.

Fort Worth Police released surveillance footage of the shocking incident.

Standing behind the table was one Girl Scout and an adult, and next to them was a shopping cart with boxes of cookies.

The Girl Scout and adult appeared stunned on video and looked in the direction the man fled.

“It makes it that much worse when you know it’s a little girl that’s a victim of this,” Fort Worth police spokesperson Brad Perez told WFAA Monday. “Everybody has a heart and they don’t want to see anyone be a victim of a crime, much less a child.”

“We are proud of the Girl Scouts at the booth for handling this situation safely and appropriately,” the statement continued. 

A spokesperson for the local council overseeing the troop said Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains will “ensure the troop is not financially impacted by this loss.”

Police ask anyone with information about the suspect to contact Detective C. Magallon at 817-392-4837 and reference case #240311437.

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  1. I’m guessing the single parent of this POS must be very proud. Someone knows this loser speak up!! I’m sure there wasn’t a lot of money but he should be punished like there was so next time he will consider maybe getting a job. People need to raise their kids better but this is the trash you get when society doesn’t charge criminals. Or when people don’t raise their kids with a sense of decency, work ethic or morals.

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