Garbage Collector Dies After Gun Goes Off in Garbage Bag

A garbage collector died after being shot by a loaded gun that was thrown away in a plastic garbage bag.

Here’s What Happened

A 40-year-old garbage collector in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi tragically lost his life after being shot by a loaded gun thrown away in a plastic garbage bag.

The incident occurred in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where a group of sanitation workers grabbed garbage bags and threw them in the back of a garbage truck.

One of the men was calmly picking up garbage bags and throwing them into the back of a garbage truck when suddenly a gun went off.

His colleagues froze in place and started looking around for suspects, but there was no danger.

Then, they saw the man lying on the pavement.

An ambulance arrived only a few minutes later, but the sanitation worker was taken to the Rioverde Medical Cente but he died from the gunshot wound.

Investigators believe the man accidentally pushed the trigger when grabbing the garbage, and the gun’s barrel was pointed directly at the sanitation worker.

Authorities are still investigating this case in hopes of finding the gun’s owner and bringing them to justice for disposing of it so irresponsibly.

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