So much goes into planning a huge party involving all the people important to you and your partner.

So much goes into planning a huge party involving all the people important to you and your partner. The right music, food, and clothes are just the tip of the iceberg. And with more details to take care of, there are also more chances of something going wrong and getting caught on camera.

This is how we ended up with the two previous parts of this article featuring the best wedding day fails on the internet. It’s also how we ended up with this third one that, in our opinion, is better than earlier ones you saw before. Sit back and get ready to laugh. This is as good as it gets.

Marriage Material

This may look like just another picture of a kid falling at a wedding, but it’s actually a story of quick thinking and bravery. You see, just as the photographer was about to take the picture, the groom felt that the girl behind him was starting to fall.

He quickly grabbed her hand, thus saving her, all while still keeping his smile and his face towards the camera. Now, this is a man we’d want to marry. Quick thinking, always smiling, tall, and a great tuxedo. He seems like the perfect man to marry and spend the rest of life with. Too bad he’s already married.

Bigger and Better

Weddings are a beautiful ceremony all over the world. In some countries, the celebrations can go on for more than three days; in some, they party for almost a week. In some cultures, if not most of them, drinking is essential to celebrating.

Many people will attest to barely remembering their wedding day, not because of the nerves but because they drank so much that everything got a bit hazy. For that purpose, this couple got themselves bigger glasses than their own heads! We have a feeling they broke some type of Guinness World Record drinking out of these glasses.

The Flower Girl That Wanted to Run

Most of the time, we understand that not everything can go according to plan and that people will not always do as their told. But, for some reason, we seem to forget about this simple logic when it comes to our wedding days, and we pray so hard that everything, but everything, will go according to our plan.

On our wedding days, we usually lose our minds if something goes wrong. We don’t know how the bride reacted when she saw her flower girl having a diva moment at her wedding. We bet she wasn’t pleased and gave the little girl’s mother a piece of her mind.

Top Hats at the ATM

Weddings happen every day, but they are not what one would call normal events. What do we mean by that? Well, people who attend weddings usually wear things that would just not work for a simple day of running errands. Yet, wedding guests have errands to run too, which is how we got this priceless picture of two men in top hats standing in front of an ATM.

We believe that a wedding and it doesn’t matter who’s celebrating, is the perfect time to get out all those special outfits you never get to wear. It doesn’t matter how outrageous your dress is or how tall your hat is, if you’re going to a wedding, you can bring it along.

A Soap Opera

It’s not that this one is a fail; blowing soap bubbles into the air has worked perfectly for the couple, and the picture even came out nice. It’s just that, if you ask us, there’s something quite tacky and gaudy about this picture. Maybe we’ve just lost the ability to have fun and find joy in life. Or maybe this couple should have thought of a more original idea for their wedding day.

We’ll never know. We’ve seen tens of weddings using the same theme and doing the same thing. What about originality? This photo is on our list not because of the failure but because it managed to annoy us.

A Polish Wedding Fail

Hold on to your veils, folks, because we’ve stumbled upon a wedding moment that leaves us scratching our heads. We think there’s been a mix-up. As far as we know, it’s the bouquet that a bride should throw at her guests. Maybe throwing the veil is a Polish tradition we have just not heard of?

Or maybe the bride just accidentally lost her veil while dancing, and she hasn’t noticed it yet, which is why she looks so happy? So, here’s to the bride who unwittingly redefines the art of the toss and reminds us that, sometimes, unplanned moments create the most memorable tales.

Forever Alone

As far as we know, this woman is just crying because she’s extremely happy to see her friends finding their happily ever after and getting married. But you must admit that it doesn’t seem like that’s the case when you look at her face. A part of us feels she’s crying because she’s scared that she will be forever alone.

Either way, this makes for quite a comical picture that reminds us of Monica and Rachel. When Monica got engaged to Chandler, Racher found it very difficult to embrace the fact that she is going to be …..left alone. Our heart goes out to you, lovely woman in the photo.

Yes We Can

When we imagine a wedding, we usually think of fancy outfits, a classy location, and great expensive champagne. We can visualize the extravaganza buffet, the astonishing gown the women will be wearing, and the amazing hairdos everyone will invest in. But not everyone can have that type of wedding, and not everyone wants to have that, and that’s totally valid.

This bride and her bridesmaids, for example, are simply happy to be chugging drinks out of cans, the same way they used to back in their college days. Besides, nothing can be better than quality time with your best friends, and nothing says it more than a can of cold beer.

The Bathroom Bride

Is there such a thing as going too far when it comes to the pursuit of the perfect wedding picture? We’ll let you be the judge of that. Part of us appreciates the sense of humor on these two newlyweds, but then there’s also a part of us that feels like maybe posting a picture of yourself while in the bathroom is just taking it a bit too far.

We mean, whatever happened to intimacy? Whatever happened to, this is my private time, and no one is allowed into the bathroom when I am in here. Or is this bride saving this phrase for the time she has children?

A Dancing Dad

Dads are good at so many things. Most of them are excellent handymen, many of them are wonderful cooks and plenty have an amazing sense of humor. But what is it about dads and dancing? No one wants to see it, but for some reason, it just makes the dads want to dance even more!

Of course, the guy in the back, much younger than the dad, doesn’t seem to be doing a better job dancing than the father, so maybe it’s a family thing and runs in the blood. Did the bride check this before and made sure her husband didn’t inherit the dancing gene?

Let’s Face It – Weddings Aren’t for Everyone

Ah….the British Monarchy at its best. It really doesn’t get any better than a real wedding of a real Prince and princes. This might be one of the most special occasions in recent times. When a prince gets married, like Prince William and Beautiful Kate, it is the closest thing the public gets to a fairytale wedding.

And their sweet embrace on the balcony of Buckingham Palace really appears like a prince and princess’s wedding. But there is one clue that shows that you are not dreaming after all — the expression of the flower girl on the left. She simply looks like she isn’t overjoyed or thrilled about what is happening.

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