French Stuntman Dies After Falling From Hong Kong Skyscraper (Photos)

A French man who was known for his daring stunts on social media died last week after falling from the 68th floor of a Hong Kong skyscraper, according to reports.

Daredevil climber Remi Lucidi dies after ‘falling off residential skyscraper’ in Hong Kong (Video: YouTube)

Remi Lucidi, 30, who had a large online following as “Remi Enigma,” was climbing the Tregunter Tower complex on Thursday evening when he lost his footing and plunged to his death, The Guardian and other outlets reported.

Lucidi had entered the building by lying to a security guard that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, but he took the elevator and stairs to the top floor, where he found a door leading to the roof open.

He knocked on the window of a penthouse apartment, but was ignored by a maid who called the police. He may have fallen from a ledge while trying to escape or perform a stunt, a source close to the investigation told The South China Morning Post.

His body and his sports camera were found on a nearby patio. His fall also broke a gas pipe, causing a leak.

Lucidi was a thrill-seeker who traveled the world to document his extreme challenges with stunning photographs and videos. He posted selfies while dangling from buildings in Dubai, Bulgaria and Ukraine. He also climbed a tower near Chernobyl in March, captioning the experience “My Comfort Zone”.

His last Instagram post before his death showed him posing with the Hong Kong skyline in the background. He wrote: “Life is too short to chase unicorns \uD83D\uDC80”.

His fans and hostel owner expressed sadness and shock over his death.

“He was healthy and fit and happy-faced. I feel very sad,” Gurjit Kaur, owner of the hostel where Lucidi was staying in Hong Kong, told The South China Morning Post.

“Rip brother. Sad news no one ever wants to hear about a fellow explorer,” an Instagram follower commented.

Remi Lucidi

“I don’t wanna believe it Remi I don’t want to believe it,” another follower wrote.

Lucidi’s death is not the first case of a stuntman falling from a high-rise building in Hong Kong. In 2018, Wu Yongning, a Chinese “rooftopper”, died after falling from a 62-story skyscraper while filming himself doing pull-ups. His death sparked debate over the risks and ethics of such stunts.

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