Freak Accident Claims Life of South Carolina Man

A 76-year-old man from South Carolina tragically lost his life due to a deathly mishap involving his tractor, according to officials.

Tragedy Strikes Cherokee County

The Cherokee County Coroner’s Office reported that Gary Moss was found by his wife on a Monday afternoon at their residence near Blacksburg, after she had gone outside to check on him.

Moss’s wife discovered him entangled in the Ford 1620 tractor and promptly called 911 for assistance.

Moss had been mowing the grass on his property using his tractor, towing a landscaping attachment when he accidentally veered down an embankment and was thrown from the vehicle.

Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler stated in a press release that “the tractor continued moving towards Moss, trapping him between the tractor and the Bush Hog attachment.”

The Ford 1620 tractor, as reported by officials, has the potential to weigh up to 2,352 pounds, according to An autopsy has been scheduled to determine the exact cause of Moss’s passing.

Blacksburg is a town located to the west of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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