Jack Nicholson, best known for his role in ‘The Shining’, has been spotted and photographed – the first time in almost two years!

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Jack Nicholson was recently seen on his California balcony, looking unusual in appearance.

Legendary Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson made a rare public appearance on his balcony in California, which marks the first time fans have caught a glimpse of him in 18 months.

Jack Nicholson was spotted in public on his balcony looking unrecognizable in California. (Diggzy/Jesal / SplashNews.com)

Wearing a loose orange t-shirt and black sweatpants, “The Shining” star Jack Nicholson was recently photographed leaning on a wooden balcony rail, enjoying the fresh air while taking in the view of the Franklin Canyon Reservoir.

Legendary Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson’s rare appearance was the first time fans have seen him in 18 months. (Diggzy/Jesal / SplashNews.com)

In addition to his casual attire, the 85-year-old Nicholson had disheveled gray hair and a beard. Another photo captured him rubbing one eye as he exited through a large glass patio door situated behind him.

Nicholson’s previous public appearance was at an NBA Los Angeles Lakers game in October 2021, where he was spotted sitting courtside alongside his son, Ray, who bears a striking resemblance to his famous father.

Nicholson was known to be a legendary ladies’ man in Hollywood and is a father to six children.

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  1. Yep, in the end it doesn’t matter how famous, how rich, how powerful, how beautiful, how important, how ANYTHING you once were…
    Because eventually you’ll be old, decrepit, in diapers and drooling all over yourself if you live long enough….. and forgotten about.
    Father Time – the Great Equalizer

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