Explosive: Nancy Pelosi’s Son Attended High-Profile Meetings In Taiwan!

New explosive photos reveal Paul Pelosi Jr. secretly met with influential leaders during Nancy Pelosi's high-profile trip last week to Asia.

New explosive photos reveal Paul Pelosi Jr. secretly met with influential leaders during Nancy Pelosi’s high-profile trip last week to Asia.

The new revelation is leaving many American’s wondering if the political visit was “family business” to help increase their fortune.

Paul Pelosi, Jr.

According to the draw-dropping report by The Gateway Pundit, Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy Pelosi’s son, traveled with her to Taiwan and was photographed with other leaders of the country.

It is said he was part of the ‘US delegation.’ However, every major news outlet that covered Nancy Pelosi’s visit failed to mentioned her son was in attendance or that he is even a US delegate representative.

Photo credit The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit also released photos that revealed Paul Pelosi met with leaders in Singapore, which shows the Pelosi’s sitting just one person down from each other. Another photo shows Paul hanging out with leaders in Malaysia.

Paul Pelosi Jr.’s Relationship To Electric Vehicles

In January 2021, Paul Pelosi, Jr., who graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in History and an MBA in International Business, became the President of EVSX Corporation. EVSX is a company dedicated to electric vehicle battery recycling and future partnerships in developing lithium mineral resources. 

According to the press release, Paul Pelosi previously served as President of the Environment Commission in San Francisco, a position that the city Mayor appoints. They develop policies to preserve the city’s urban forest.

Nancy Pelosi represents California’s 12th congressional district, San Fransisco.

EVSX Corp. was recently incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp., which has a proposed joint-venture partnership with Altair International. Altair International identifies and assesses business opportunities in metals and mining.

On August 1st, there was a surprise deal between Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for tax credits for purchases of electric vehicles, or EVs. The pair covertly negotiated the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”

Why Are Asian Counties Valuable to the Pelosi’s?

It’s no secret that Asian countries are crucial for the materials and manufacturing of electric vehicles, components, and parts. Countries in Asia dominate the manufacturing of positive electrodes. In 2015, China accounted for approximately 39% of the global market, Japan 19%, and the Republic of Korea 7%.

The graphic below shows the Asian manufacturing market share for semiconductors.

Chart by CNBC

Democrats feel confident Biden will sign the new CHIPS Act this week, a bill that subsidizes the US involvement in manufacturing semiconductor chips, used by electric vehicles.

Paul Pelosi Jr., 52 years old, has been linked to several businesses under investigation for alleged fraud.

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  1. I’m not even going to read that article. I am SOOOOO SICK and FED UP with CORRUPTION, WITH CRIME FAMILIES, who should all stand in front of a firing squad. WHEN will Reps grow some back bone, and BY FORCE, save our country? Stop the BS of lawsuits, which do NOTHING but make lawyers richer! SICK OF IT ALL!

  2. No doubt, Nancy Pelosi found a way to not only have her son listed as a delegate on this trip but also found a way for him to be paid for his time. Just how far does nepotism go for members of congress.
    Since Paul Pelosi Jr is on a trip to build his own business empire, what is he doing on a plane paid for by US tax dollars? He should be sharing a cell with Hunter Biden in Club Fed.

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