A 6-year-old Oregon boy was mauled to death by two dogs in a family friend’s home Tuesday as the child prepared to head to school.

Young Boy Killed By His Dogs

Portland officers responded to a home and were greeted by a woman with bloody hands, officials told KGW8.

Police learned the boy’s grandma had dropped him off with her friend, who owns the dogs so that she could take him to school that morning.

The woman was injured while trying to stop the attack, according to a news release by the Portland Police Bureau. “We understand that the homeowner/dog owner did everything in her power to stop this attack, at some point even grabbing a gun – it never got that far,” Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer Mike Benner told KPTV. “She did everything she could to save this boy’s life.” The boy was pronounced dead at the scene, and the woman was taken to a hospital for minor injuries, officials said.

“It’s a little boy. He’s 6. I speak for everyone at the bureau when I say my heart breaks for this little boy, for his family and for his friends,” Benner told KGW8.

“When something like this happens, it’s a shock to the conscience. To have this happen just weeks before Christmas, it’s just unimaginable,” he lamented.

The two dogs involved in the attack — which police described as large Great Dane-mastiff mixes, according to KPTV — on the child were euthanized, police announced Wednesday morning.

The child had been previously told to stay away from the dogs and the garage in which they were kept in because they were dangerous, police said.

Authorities said there were no previous reports that the dogs had ever been a problem.

Police didn’t specify if the owner will be facing criminal charges.

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One thought on “Dogs Kill 6-year-old Boy”
  1. There is more to this story for sure. I have owned mastiffs for almost 20 years none have been aggressive. Mastiffs live a fairly short life compared to other breeds so I’ve had a few. Mastiffs are gentle giants and wonderful family dogs. These dogs were trained to be mean or abused. What a stupid dog owner to say her dogs are dangerous and invite anyone into her home. If you want to own dogs that you in some way made aggressive you better make sure they are contained. I would say have a mastiff treat it well, it will be a wonderful pet and be able to know when you’re in danger to protect you, no need to make it aggressive.

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