Dog Poops in Neighbors Yard, Owner Shot Dead

A Tennessee man is facing murder charges for allegedly shooting and killing his neighbor following a dispute involving dog poop.

Knoxville police responded about 6 p.m. Saturday to a report of a shooting at a house on East Oldham Avenue, where they discovered a wounded man who was pronounced dead at the scene, WATE reported.

Stefen White, 34, had gotten into an argument with the neighbor when he asked him to pick up his animal’s excrement from their shared area, WATE reported.

Ongoing dispute over dog excrement? 

The suspect then pulled out a handgun and shot the man in the chest, according to an arrest warrant, presumably after the victim declined to pick up the animal waste. 

‘Responding officers attempted life-saving efforts, but the victim was ultimately pronounced dead as a result of his injuries,’ officials said. ‘All involved parties are accounted for and the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain under investigation.’

White was charged with second-degree murder and was held at the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility, WVLT reported

White is accused of shooting the victim in the chest. The victim has not been identified.

Police said that detectives are still investigating the incident.

Not immediately clear is whether the shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute between the two neighbors.

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