Disney’s Magic Can’t Stop Florida Law

By Kate Striker Apr21,2022

The “showdown” between Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and Orlando’s Disney World continues. Today, the Florida Senate voted 23-16 in favor of stripping away the Reedy Creek Improvement District status.

Back in 1967 when the special status was enacted, Disney wasn’t “outwardly” involved in politics, and knew better than to stick their heels in the sand on heated issues. The goal of Disney was to create a magical world where people of all ages could come to have fun and forget their every day woes and worries.

Today, Disney has made a concerted effort to create a “woke” environment, pushing gay agendas in their TV shows and movies. Unbelievably, higher-ups in the company were caught red handed, on camera, confessing their secret “gay” agenda. Check it out here:

The push back from Disney has been backed by the all-inclusive main stream media, and liberal leaning news outlets. To think this all started with a bill from Florida’s Governor to keep kindergartners through third graders away from talk about their sexual orientation in class. Before the last couple of years, before the push of transgenderism on kids, the world didn’t really concern themselves with “when” someone else’s kid thought about their sexuality. Heck, people knew that kids that young shouldn’t even be thinking about sex, anyway!

But here we are, at the point where a governor has to meddle in the school system to literally stop teachers from talking to extremely innocent, and overly impressionable girls and boys about their body parts, and how they feel about them.

Because of the heavy effort by Disney to stop teachers from talking to extremely young children about sex, one has to wonder “why” Disney “wants” teachers to talk to kids about sex and sexual orientation in the first place. What is the big deal? Why is it THIS important? What’s the “real” reason Disney wants young kids to consider changing their sexual identify?

Unless we are in the board room to hear the execs discuss the future of Disney and their far-out agendas, we will not know exactly why they want elementary school students to talk about sexual identity.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District status is still in place until it goes through voting in the House, which is mainly Republicans, before hitting the desk of DeSantis. If the special status is stripped away, it could go into effect as early as June 2023.

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