Couple ‘Ungrateful’ After Winning $4.2M Home on TV Show

A couple who won a $4.2 million home featured in a popular TV show slammed the lottery host for removing decorative items before the handover.

Here’s What Happened

The Griffins won the home after Melbourne businessman Adrian Portelli reportedly paid $4.25 million for the property in November last year and announced he would raffle it off as a prize through his business LMCT+.

Andrea and Kevin Griffin, from Victoria, Australia, were initially over the moon, but moments after being gifted the property, they claimed certain goods were missing from the property, which included a wine fridge, a meat smoker, a treadmill, and luxury kitchen appliances, MailOnline reported.

Security footage obtained by MailOnline appears to show Portelli and his team carrying some of these items out of the home.

“We were just like, what the hell?” Andrea Griffin told the Herald Sun. “Why has he done this?”

Because of the “missing items” the Griffin family hit Portelli with a bill for $102,000 for a long list of items from the ‘fully-furnished’ home, including candles and books.

The original homeowner, Portelli, announced a $1 giveaway from all the items removed (Griffins say illegally taken) from the house because he claims these items were never included in the terms and conditions of the prize.

Adrian Portelli is a Melbourne businessman. Picture: Instagram/@adrian_portelli

“We want it to go to someone that is going to be grateful and deserving,” he said, adding that 100 percent of the proceeds from the giveaway would be donated to Australians affected by homelessness.

The Griffins are creating a website detailing their account, entitled “Our LMCT nightmare,” according to MailOnline.

The footage of the couple complaining about the home quickly sparked uproar online, with thousands slamming their reaction.

People all over Australia were stunned at the couple’s reactions:

Some of the scenes the show initially had to cut out of their final edit of the video to “make it seem like they were actually grateful to receive the prize.”

“I am sure you guys would all agree, if you were handing someone a $4.3m prize … if they started acting like that you would want to get the hell out of there as well,” Portelli said.

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